Please welcome Steven Giannelli, our newest addition to the Casa Loma College family!  

Steven is a welcome addition to the College and our Admissions Department.

Steven recently graduated from CSUN with a B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis on Law & Society, choosing Political Science as he felt it encompassed a variety of subjects that would cultivate his mind into different areas of society. Steven came to Casa Loma to pursue a career in the education field and to aid others in achieving their academic goals. Steven’s family has always made education a priority and it is his hope that by working for Casa Loma, he can help others by aiding them in their endeavors both academically and personally.

Whether it be playing or watching, Steven absolutely loves baseball. In High School, he played four years of Varsity baseball as a pitcher, third baseman, and catcher. In fact, Steven’s Dad was drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1987 as a first basemen. Anytime he is not working, you can find him watching the Dodgers or at the movies. Go Dodgers!

Steven is of Mexican, Italian and German descent and visiting Italy connecting with his  roots has always been a dream of Stevens. He has always wanted to walk around the various attractions and see the history that unfolded. And not to mention, – enjoy the food that Italy offers!