What Graduates & Students Are Saying …

My overall experience to date has been amazing. Your college has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. As soon as I finished the MRI program, I got hired by a big hospital in Orange County. Casa Loma students have a pretty good reputation, and managers will consider you even without big experience. Teachers are very good at Casa Loma.

Anastasiia T. | MRI Graduate

I’m currently enrolled in the DMS program, and I am pretty happy with my decision in choosing this school to get my career started. The staff is very helpful, and the instructors are amazing as well! I’ve never seen more dedicated instructors. I have to say that this course does have its challenges, but that’s why you have to really focus and study!! Overall, I’m very happy with this school and I can’t wait to excel further into the program.

Jensine S. | DMS Student

This is a great college! All the instructors have been AMAZING thus far! I highly recommend this college if you’re looking into a career in sonography. This school has found a genius way to combine 4+ years of education into 2 short years. The program is well-thought-out!

Shawnna W. | Sonography Graduate

Casa Loma has provided the most professional and genuine care and treatment towards my career and success from the moment I decided to enroll to beyond graduation. I am a recent graduate of the MRI associate degree program and obtained a position at an Inpatient/Outpatient Center within 2 months of graduation. I felt confident and prepared in the knowledge obtained in the Casa Loma MRI program. The positive energy, the hands-on training, the one-on-one guidance, and the continuous follow-up and advice after graduation are just a small part of my excellent experience during my time at Casa Loma. Thank you to everyone 🙂

Lourdes R. | MRI Graduate

My instructors were dedicated and attentive. They made sure we understood the material and if not, they were always available during open lab for questions. If you’re thinking about checking out CLC, stop reading this and go now! CLC has changed my life, and it will change yours too. All it takes is a little dedication and the willingness to take a risk.

Juan G. | PTA Graduate

The faculty and staff really care about you and want you to succeed. You get personalized teaching throughout the program because of the low student to teacher ratio. I feel more than ready to succeed as a PTA after my schooling here.

Gary D. | PTA Graduate

A huge thank you to the teachers and staffs that helped me through the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program! This program is a challenging program, but if you are up to it and willing to dedicate your time and listen, you will succeed in this field.

Kim D. | DMS Graduate

I am very proud of my wife as she is a smart cookie, yet, it wouldn’t be possible without the professional guidance and support she received from Casa Loma College. All in all, huge thanks to the DMS program’s director, clinical coordinator, the admissions and, of course, the amazing instructors. If you choose Casa Loma College, you have to work hard, but I promise you, it will be worth it!

Alan P. | Spouse of a DMS Graduate

Great place to receive a degree in sonography. Best professionals ever! Studying at Casa Loma is not a walk in the park: tons of quizzes, tests, and passing all the competencies on a deadline. Yet, I had no problems passing all of my boards one after another, and landed a job in 2 months after graduating.

Mayya M. | Sonography Graduate

The instructors and Director of the program will guide and prepare you for the amazing & satisfying career you’ll be starting.

Lena A. | Los Angeles, California

Casa Loma College in Van Nuys has been an amazing experience for myself and my family.

Fortino R. | Los Angeles, California

I love everything about this school and am so happy and proud to be a graduate from here.

Mar N. | Los Angeles, California

What Employers Are saying …

Students conduct their clinical rotations at our practice. Casa Loma’s web-based system used to track, log-in and evaluate the students is very easy to use. Working with Casa Loma has been extremely informative and has made this process much easier. To any Physical Therapy clinics out there who are on the fence about signing up with Casa Loma to allow clinical rotations, DON’T HESITATE! They are very friendly and will help you at every turn with any questions you may have.

Alexis M. | Office Manager | West Point Physical Therapy

This is the top PTA program out there. I know from experience as a physical therapist, I have worked alongside many of their students during their clinical internships at my PT clinics. This program does an excellent job of providing their students with the highest level of education possible and have actually hired a couple graduates from this program that are still working alongside me today.

Yaron P. | Physical Therapist

I am a sonographer and our company accepts students from several schools offering the DMS program. I am in charge of training them, and so far my best students have come from Casa Loma College. Their program is great and prepares the students to come out in the field. They have great instructors and the director is always on top of things making sure the student’s externship runs smoothly.

Jessica C. | Sonography Industry Professional