Casa Loma College’s Career Services Department is your connection to the professional world. From the moment you arrive on campus, Career Service Advisors begin preparing you for the day you graduate.

The Office of Student Affairs works complementary with the college values to assist students throughout their education. Student affairs constructs an atmosphere of trust, dignity and compassion, empowerment, and excellence. We collaborate with students to help create the necessary interpersonal skills and resourceful knowledge by developing a student culture which nurtures the establishment and strengthening of relationships through effective communication, building a trustworthy network of classmates, mentors, and colleagues. Assisting students in the progression from student status to apprenticeship to alumni life.

Creating services and opportunities to support students with their personal and professional development. Providing advice and assistance regarding career options. Responding to the needs of the college by providing support and services to faculty, staff, alumni, and the community.

The Office of Student Affairs has an open-door policy and is readily available for prospective students, current students, and graduates. Please stop by at any time to speak in person or send us an email.

Services that you can find at the Office of Student Affairs:

  1. Resources Advising in: Childcare, Therapy, Housing, Writing and Research Techniques, Tutoring, Title IX.
  2. Club Organization and Creation, such as Associated Student Body, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Volunteer opportunities.
  3. Code of Conduct concerns: Sexual Harassment, Plagiarism, Discrimination, Unwarranted Behavior.
  4. Career Services: Resume building, networking skills, employment research, and mock interviews.
  5. Campus Events Information (and Newsletter)

Nicholas Walsh-Davis

Director, Student Affairs