This contact information is provided to connect you with the person or department who can most effectively assist you.


Dr. Scott Sand
Email Dr. Scott Sand


Nicholas Walsh-Davis, M.S.
Director, Student Affairs
Email Nicholas Walsh-Davis, M.S.

Steven Giannelli, M.J., B.S.
Executive Admissions Advisor
Email Steven Giannelli, M.J., B.S.

Cristina Castillo, M.B.A.
Admissions Advisor
Email Cristina Castillo, M.B.A.

Daniel Hernandez, B.S.
Admissions Advisor
Email Daniel Hernandez, B.S.

Levi Heard, B.A.
Admissions Advisor – Nashville Campus
Email Levi Heard, B.A.

Career Services

Zackary Gilanyi, B.S.
Career Services, Manager
Email Zackary Gilanyi, B.S.

Carren Downs, B.S.
Career Services Advisor Physical Therapist Assistant
Email Carren Downs, B.S.

Destiny Suarez, B.A.
Career Services Advisor
Email Destiny Suarez, B.A.


Dr. Elena Felipe
Email Dr. Elena Felipe

Dr. Claudinet Gomez
Director Medical Assisting
Email Dr. Claudinet Gomez

Dr. Lee Skinkle
Senior Director of Compliance
Email Dr. Lee Skinkle

Augustine Tostado
Supervisor Medical Radiography
Email Augustine Tostado

Joanna Helbig, M.Ed.
Director Physical Therapist Assistant
Email Joanna Helbig, M.Ed.

Muna Buser
Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Sherman Oaks
Email Muna Buser

Sarah Mathews
Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Nashville
Email Sarah Mathews

Simone Quinto
Director Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Email Simone Quinto

Financial Aid

Christy Ruoff
Senior Director, Student Finance
Email Christy Ruoff

Christian Sanchez Rico
Financial Aid Advisor
Email Christian Sanchez Rico

Yolanda Perez
Financial Aid Advisor
Email Yolanda Perez

Eliza Nalbandian, A.A.
Email Eliza Nalbandian, A.A.


Kimberly Duncan, M.B.A.
Email Kimberly Duncan, M.B.A.

Kelly Kumar
Assistant Registrar
Email Kelly Kumar

Jon Boyer, LVN
Associate Registrar
Email Jon Boyer, LVN

Human Resources

Veronica Pantoja, B.S.
Senior Director, Administrative Services
Email Veronica Pantoja, B.S.