Casa Loma College was founded in April 1966 by Dr. Lewis Kohler and Rev. John Simmons to promote education, health, and welfare throughout the Greater San Fernando Valley.

The name Casa Loma was originally selected because it would be a College of Applied Sciences and Arts, the first letter of each word spells C.A.S.A.  The original campus was also located in the foothills around the valley.

The college, which originally served the San Fernando Valley, has grown to be so much more. Casa Loma now serves students throughout California and Tennessee. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging program was launched in 2007 and was soon followed by Diagnostic Medical Sonography in 2008. The Physical Therapy Assistant program was launched in 2012.

To better serve our students, the College relocated to the current Van Nuys campus in 2017. The Nashville Center opened in 2022.

Most recently, the college gained approval to offer distance education programs including a bachelor’s degree program in HealthCare Administration, and in 2021, the college launched a Separate Educational Center in Nashville, Tennessee offering Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Medical Resonance Imaging, and HealthCare Administration.

We are very proud of the over 10,000 graduates from Casa Loma who have joined the medical profession and improved healthcare in our communities. We believe their success is a result of the high-quality education, our committed instructors and administrators, and the resources we provide.

As a non-profit California Corporation, Casa Loma is governed by a Board of Regents.

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