Prospective students, and those students who have matriculated, are encouraged to contact the Disability Student Services Coordinator to discuss the disability accommodation.

Veronica Pantoja

When to Apply for Accommodations

While the Disability Coordinator will review and attempt to fulfill late requests, the delay may result in accommodations not being available at the start of the semester. Accommodations are never retroactive. Accommodations are requested and approved for the duration of the student’s enrollment, however, can be adjusted depending on need throughout the program. The college goal is to provide accommodations that are effective, even though they may not be the specific accommodations requested in all cases.

Many health care careers have require the practitioner to perform physical tasks. It is important to check the essential functions documents for the program when evaluating your decision to enroll.

A student seeking accommodations must complete the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form or an accessible format appropriate for the student’s limitation when requesting accommodations. Once a completed form is submitted to the Disability Coordinator, the Disability Coordinator will enter into a prompt interactive process with the student, which may include, but not be limited to, further discussions with the student, faculty and others, and possibly seeking additional medical documentation, in an effort to assess how the requested accommodation, or other reasonable accommodations, may allow the student an equal opportunity to participate in school programs and activities. All such requests will be considered carefully and promptly. Accommodations will be determined based upon the level of disability, its impact on learning, and the College’s ability to provide the accommodation without incurring undue burden or fundamentally altering its programs, facilities, policies, or activities. Once a decision has been made, the accommodation determination shall be provided to the student in writing, and shall describe, and specify the duration of, any approved accommodation. Each student who is offered accommodation is required to affirmatively indicate their acceptance of the accommodation offered by Casa Loma College

Please contact the Disability Coordinator, Veronica Pantoja, to request accommodations.


Clinical sites are distinct and separate from the classroom and on-campus skills lab. Certain accommodations that are acceptable for the classroom/lab may not be appropriate in a clinical setting. Casa Loma College will assist students in the process of requesting and accessing reasonable accommodations (if necessary). In addition, some disabilities may impact a student’s progress towards their degree in a timely manner. For instance, students with autoimmune conditions may be prohibited from courses, clinicals, or some functions, for short periods of time, during disease outbreaks. Students should remain in close contact with their program director and faculty.