It’s not the prettiest or the biggest, but Casa Loma College, Van Nuys is an amazing place. The halls are filled with smiles from staff, and the classrooms are overflowing with knowledge. I just finished the PTA program and I can honestly tell you it was an over all AMAZING experience.

My instructors were dedicated and attentive. They made sure we understood the material and if not, they were always available during open lab for questions. If you’re thinking about checking out CLC, stop reading this and go now! I can only speak with regard to the PTA program when I say you won’t regret it, however, I am positive the other programs are run with the same tenacity. CLC has changed my life, and it will change yours too. All it takes is a little dedication and the willingness to take a risk.

Thank you to everyone at CLC, best call I ever made!