I am not a student at Casa Loma College, but rather the office manager at West Point Physical Therapy, where we allow Casa Loma College – Physical Therapy Assistant students to conduct their clinical rotations. We are in our first week of the current rotation and everything has been pretty smooth, working with Casa Loma has been extremely informative and has made this process much easier.

The web-based system used to track, log-in and evaluate the students is very easy to use, even for those who are not the best with computers or the web. Though I have limited experience with Casa Loma, so far everything has gone down as planned and the student on-site at our facility is friendly and appears to be knowledgeable in his field.

To any Physical Therapy clinics out there who are on the fence about signing up with Casa Loma to allow clinical rotations, DON’T HESITATE! They are very friendly and will help you at every turn with any questions you may have.