I would totally give Casa Loma College a 10 out of 5 if I could. My wife went there. Their DMS program is phenomenal. My wife’s original college closed on her and the other 30+ people in her class. Casa Loma became her new home. They were strict, and even kicked a couple of students out. My wife constantly had quizzes and tests, and had to pass all kids of competencies almost weekly, yet, they made her well-prepared. She was supplied with the best ever externship site and passed 3 of her board exams (registries) within less than 40 days.

I am very proud of my wife as she is a smart cookie, yet, it wouldn’t be possible without the professional guidance and support she received from Casa Loma College. And listen to this, a couple of days ago we received a letter from the Bureau of Postsecondary education saying that my wife’s loan is going to be reduced in the amount of over $9,000. We didn’t even have to fill out much paperwork, all the documents were managed by Casa Loma’s financial adviser Mr. Cuellar, who filed the paperwork and constantly followed up in the process of investigation. We are super excited that we have almost 10k less in loan to pay, since the sudden closure of my wife’s previous college.

All in all, huge thanks to the DMS program’s director Mr. Dhillon, clinical coordinator Mr. Collins, the admissions and, of course, the amazing instructors. If you choose Casa Loma College, you have to work hard, but I promise you, it will be worth it!