At every level of the medical field, there is a common need: for compassionate, caring, skilled professionals who are dedicated to putting patient care first. The healthcare industry in the U.S. is a massive network of hospitals and clinics, physicians’ offices and residential care facilities, but at the core of all of them are the people who make modern medicine possible. 

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School of Healthcare Programs

Casa Loma College currently offers hands-on, focused career training in: 

HealthCare Administration (HCA) Bachelor Program

For those looking to take a leadership role in healthcare and have earned 60 college credits or more, our bachelor’s degree completion program can ready you to embrace those responsibilities, whether that’s as a planner, director, or coordinator. You’ll learn vital interprofessional and management skills so that you can effectively head up a team, a department, and beyond.

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Medical Assistant Certificate Program

Healthcare facilities would not be able to run smoothly or effectively without medical assistants there to provide vital support, both for physicians and nurses, as well as for the patients themselves. Our certificate program readies you to take on a wide range of administrative and clinical responsibilities, from vital signs, to health records, to phlebotomy.

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