Yesenia Lopez

Whatever your mood is when you walk onto campus – it will immediately get better as Yesi welcomes you with her big warm smile…. Read More

Khamsay Sasengbong

I am the youngest of 4 siblings. I have an older brother and 2 older sisters. I was only 3 months old when we came the United States. Our family was fortunate to have been sponsored by a family in Lincoln Kansas…… Read More

Arnak Hovasapyan

Arnak Hovasapyan is a practicing sonographer currently working at Valley Presbyterian Hospital as well as teaching in our diagnostic medical sonography program. We are glad to have him as part of our team! …… Read More

Kelly Kumar

Kelly Kumar can be seen throughout Casa Loma – she laughs, she smiles, she brings good times to our College family! From greeting students and visitors at the front desk… Read More

James Reising

Dr. Jim is not just a doctor of physical therapy and a faculty member, he is so much more …… Read More

Nicholas Walsh-Davis

As the man behind the “good-times” at Casa Loma College, Nicholas Walsh-Davis loves getting to know new applicants, learning about them, why they are choosing their field, and learning about their passions….. Read More

Carren Downs

While you will see Carren spending most of her days in PTA – there will be times that she goes back to her roots and spends some time with our ultrasound students!… Read More

Cyrill Reiser

Cyril Reiser, Casa Loma College’s MIS Director. We don’t think about what all goes into the job of IT and for the most part the job is behind the scene, but Cyril and his IT support team … Read More

Grant Cuellar

Financial Literacy is a lifelong skill that is not taught in high school nor do many of us really learn about it growing up… Read More

Miguel Valdivia

Our June Employee Spotlight features Miguel Valdivia. Miguel is a faculty member in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program teaching MR Imaging and Procedures I and II.. … Read More

George McPhatter

George McPhatter is a man of few words and many pictures! As Director of Student Financing and Financial Aid he has helped 100’s of Casa Loma College students apply for and secure the funds needed to finance their education…. Read More

Kari Allen-Hammer

Our February Employee Spotlight features Dr. Kari Allen-Hammer. Kari is intricately involved in our online education department as a member of the curriculum development team and content expert for the integrative health related courses. … Read More

Laura Tadd

Laura is a faculty member in our online programs and offers a wealth of knowledge and worldly perspective to her students. … Read More

Alison Hanson

Our March Employee Spotlight features Alison Hanson. Alison is a faculty member in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program teaching Upper and Lower Extremity Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Assessment and Pathology.. … Read More

Eliza Nalbandian

2019’s first Employee Spotlight features Eliza Nalbandian. Eliza is the College’s Senior Student Accounts Bookkeeper and has been part of the Casa Loma family for 20 years! … Read More