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Lifestyle learning is a commitment to growth. It is measuring satisfaction based on getting better, not necessarily being the best. With a growth mindset, progress, not perfection, is the standard.


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If you’re looking for a career that offers tremendous growth potential and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, Casa Loma College will prepare you for that career!

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A student seeking admission to Casa Loma College must meet the general admissions requirements in addition to the requirements of their specific degree program.

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Casa Loma College prides itself on our well qualified and experienced faculty and support staff. We are currently seeking qualified people for the following positions.

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Department of Lifelong Learning

Dr. Stephanie Shelburne, NhD. PhD.

Integrative Health Researcher, Writer and Educator                                         

Dr. Shelburne is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of lifestyle medicine, stress management, neuro-alchemy, PTSD to PTG, and health and well-being; her passion is to inspire people to their greatest sense of mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. 

Dr. Shelburne is the founder of LiveLifeResources (LLR) a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization committed to socially beneficial research, education and advocacy. LLR’s research aims to advance learning understanding of the traits and characteristics that contribute to resilience and other life-enhancing potential within individuals, families, and communities.

In Dr. Shelburne’s words, “I am passionate about creating educational and informational resources that are engaging and accessible while utilizing technology to its fullest potential. I consider it a worthy and exciting challenge to create online and virtual learning venues that are personalized and experientially captivating”. 


Kari Allen-Hammer, PhD.

Counselor, Coach, Educator of Wellness, Transformative Leadership and Mind Body Medicine

Dr. Allen-Hammer is an owner in Sacred Intentions Mind Body Methods which is a community-based education and coaching practice that utilizes experiential mind body practices to facilitate personal and professional growth.  As a Mind-Body Facilitator, Dr. Allen-Hammer is experienced as a substance abuse and mental health counselor, and intimately familiar with the journey of personal transformation and personal and professional development.

Dr. Allen-Hammer began studying Integrative Health and Mind Body Medicine after some challenging times in her life, and tells, “I began to realize that mind body medicine was not well understood by most people outside of those who experienced its life-changing effects and because it was so valuable to me, I wanted to be one who helped grow and legitimize the field through research and bridging the gaps in education and clinical practice”.



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