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If you’re ready to earn your degree, Casa Loma College has the programs to help you meet your career goals. We welcome students with the academic preparation and motivation to successfully complete a college degree program.


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If you’re looking for a career that offers tremendous growth potential and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, Casa Loma College will prepare you for that career!

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General Admissions Requirements

A student seeking admission to Casa Loma College must meet the general admissions requirements in addition to the requirements of their specific degree program.

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Graduates and Employer Survey Participation
To help us assess just how we are doing, and as a requirement of accreditation, we request that all our Graduates and Employers of graduates complete the Graduate and/or Employer Survey. The survey is confidential and gives graduates and employers an opportunity to provide necessary feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs of study and provide information on strengths and weaknesses.

We thank all of our graduates and employers for their continued commitment to the excellence of our progra

Registered Nursing to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN)

Casa Loma College is an open admissions College, however, acceptance into the RN to BSN Program is limited. Acceptance into the program is based on applicants meeting not only the general admissions requirements (Exception: applicants are not required to take the admissions entrance exam), but also fulfilling the specialized admissions requirements for the RN to BSN program.(

The following are the Admissions Criteria for the RN to BSN Program:

Complete the online application and submit non-refundable processing fee.

  1. Provide a current, unencumbered California Registered Nurse (RN) license.
    1. Students awaiting their licensure may be admitted as a Pre-RN-BSN student, if they meet all other admissions criteria, but must show proof of licensure prior to entering the second semester. Failure to present a valid RN license will result in dismissal from the college until such time license is current and unencumbered.

  2. Submit official transcripts from a fully accredited Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing program. Official transcripts are sealed transcripts sent from the granting institution.
    1. Submit official transcripts from all other postsecondary work completed

  3. Professional resume or curriculum vitae
  4. Two letters of recommendation (one reference should be from current or recent nursing faculty, RNs who have supervised your work, or a professional who has supervised your work. The second can be from a co-worker or other professional reference).
  5. Own or have access to a web-connected device capable of running modern software and streaming media including web-conferencing applications such as ZOOM (minimum technology requirements outlined below)
  6. Completion of all prerequisite requirements with a grade of C or higher. Students not transferring in the required lower division general education courses, will be required to complete the general education courses before full admission into the RN-BSN program will be granted.
    1. Human Physiology + lab
    2. General Microbiology + lab
    3. General College Chemistry + lab (high school AP Chemistry not accepted)
    4. Written Communication
    5. Oral Communication
    6. Critical Thinking
    7. Introductory Psychology
    8. Introductory Sociology
    9. Biostatistics (Inferential Statistics)
  7. The RN-BSN program is committed to proving each student with the proper tools for success. All students will be required to participate in the Online Orientation. Additionally, all students are required to take Introduction to Online Learning, which will assess the student’s ability to be a successful student in the online environment. Students must successfully pass this course to proceed into the RN-BSN program.

Registered Nurses may receive credit for previous nursing education through the following mechanisms: a. Up to 70 transfer credits accepted from the ADN or Diploma in Nursing program (39 lower division general education credits and 31 nursing credits in an ADN or Diploma program).

To demonstrate prior learning and experience, students accepted into the RN-BSN program who have passed the NCLEX-RN licensure exam may be awarded up to 15 credits of credit (10 credits of lower division credit and 5 credits of upper division credit) These credits are awarded on an individual basis.

Students must complete a minimum of 25% or 30 of the 120 required credits needed for the BSN degree from Casa Loma College.

RN TO BSN Post Admissions Requirements
Each student must comply with the current student health policy of the RN to BSN Program. All costs associated with compliance are the responsibility of the student. Because of contractual agreements with agencies and the changing needs of society, this policy is updated periodically. The current health policies are listed below. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain his/her health in order to ensure safety for other students and clients. If faculty or the agency deems that any student creates a health risk, the student may be excluded from the clinical experience and/or the program. Individual health care facilities, used as clinical sites by students, may have additional requirements. In this event, the student is required to comply with any additional requirements of that

Casa Loma College has partnered with Castle Branch to track your immunizations/tests and other required information needed for clinical compliancy. You will be asked to upload your information to Castle Branch. Students must have all information uploaded to Castle Branch prior to the start of the first practicum. If a student fails to do so, the student is not eligible to attend practicum. You must be current in all requirements through the academic program. Specific details will be provided upon admission acceptance.

This is an overview of general requirements:

  • Clear Criminal Background Check
    • The Program Director will have access to your completed Certified Background check. If your background check raises concerns related to your participation in the program, you will be contacted the Program Director.
  • CPR certification (BCLS) valid throughout program
  • History and Physical examination
  • Immunization documentation (If for any reason students are unable to undergo the required testing and/or subsequent immunizations, documentation from the health care provider is required).
  • Negative TB Skin Test (or equivalent documentation demonstrating absence of active TB disease) valid throughout program
  • Valid Driver License
  • Proof of current auto insurance
  • Proof of professional liability insurance

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