Late last year Brightwood College in Van Nuys was abruptly closed, leaving hundreds of students without a school at which to complete their programs. The student’s educational goals and whole way of life was changed in an instant. But it did not take these students long to try and figure out what to do next. A large group of Brightwood’s DMS students approached our admissions department the day of the closure asking for help – and we immediately began working on creative ways we could accommodate these students without compromising our program and students or Brightwood students educational goals and plans.

After an extensive review, analysis and comparison of Brightwood’s DMS program including the curriculum and clinical externship component against ours, Lakhwinder Dhillon, Imaging Director, determined there was enough similarity in our core programs and curriculum that students transferring in to our DMS program would not forgo credits in the transfer.  Students, however, are required to prove competency in courses completed and complete additional required courses to meet Casa Loma’s graduation requirements.

An extensive effort was made by the Administration, Admissions, and Program to accommodate more than 26 transferring and newly enrolling students.  This included the creation of new schedules, purchasing of equipment, clinical site acquisitions, allocation of space, and streamlining our admissions process, among other campus improvements; to welcome these students into our DMS Program.

When these students were asked why they chose Casa Loma College, they cited several reasons:

  • Our quick response time to their needs and requests
  • Our honesty about what we could do and what we expect of the students
  • Geographical location to their previous campus
  • Employing two of their favorite instructors – Mr. Cabrales and Mr. Collins
  • They felt and believed we put the students first and understood we did what we could to accommodate them without compromising school and accreditation standards and policies! The College’s long-standing history in the community

While many of the former Brightwood students are still upset about the closing of the College, they do not have anything bad to say about their time there, and are happy to have the opportunity to complete their program with Casa Loma College.


Casa Loma College welcomes each of you and it is our hope that you enjoy the benefits of a highly personalized and dynamic campus! We are committed to assisting all students to “reach the finish line” and complete their educational goals on time.