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Alumni Spotlight

Garry Davis

Our January 2019 Alumni Spotlight proudly goes to Garry Davis. Garry is an alumnus of the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program, graduating Nov. 3, 2017. When asked what his most memorable moments were at Casa Loma College he stated, “Dressing up as Dr. Dave and winning the Halloween costume contest!”  And a more serious-minded Garry also insisted that “passing the NPTAE board exams on my first attempt, with a score of 800, was quite a moment!”  And what an incredible score – the NPTAE does not report scores higher than 800 – congratulations Garry!

Garry was hired directly from his internship – Physical Therapy West Outpatient, Woodland Hills, and continues to work there directing the Women’s Health and Wellness classes. Working as a PTA for more than a year has provided Garry the opportunity to guide and help so many people, including athletes, pediatrics, geriatrics, post-surgical, avoiding surgery, pregnancy, post-partum, women’s health, CVA, Parkinson’s and wellness patients. Garry appreciates the autonomy he is given at the clinic and challenges himself every day to think outside the box to develop appropriate treatments for these individual patients and to not only employ the basic protocols.

Outside of work, Garry is just as busy. With three boys and one girl, from age 10 months to 18 –his hands are full. Yet, even with all of this, Garry finds some spare time to enjoy the fresh air by hiking and golfing and perfecting his martial arts practice of muay thai and jiu jitsu. While Garry does enjoy traveling, he has not done much lately, as he and his family have been busy since March, with their newest addition to the family!

The advice Garry gives to all current and prospective PTA students – ‘Utilize the open labs to get better at your hands-on-skills and to develop functional exercises for future patients.”

Five years from now, Garry sees himself as a GIFT Fellow. Through the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation, Garry will gain certification making him a more efficient and effective practitioner, in the areas of assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. He would also like to further his knowledge in Women’s Health.

Casa Loma College is proud to have Garry Davis as an alumnus and is confident Garry will make a name for himself and his practice as a PTA.


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