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If you’re ready to earn your degree, Casa Loma College has the programs to help you meet your career goals. We welcome students with the academic preparation and motivation to successfully complete a college degree program.


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If you’re looking for a career that offers tremendous growth potential and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, Casa Loma College will prepare you for that career!

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General Admissions Requirements

A student seeking admission to Casa Loma College must meet the general admissions requirements in addition to the requirements of their specific degree program.

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Water is cheap and healthy. And drinking H2O is an effective way for most people to stay hydrated. The National A

Allied Health Leadership and Management (AHLM)

Students seeking admission to the Allied Health Leadership and Management (AHLM) program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete the online application and submit non-refundable processing fee.
  2. Meet the college general admissions requirements
    1. Exception: applicants for the AHLM program are not required to take admissions exam
  3. A conferred associate degree in an allied health discipline or other health related discipline.
  4. Official transcripts and proof of graduation from an accredited institution earning an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) or Associate of Science (A.S.).
    1. Completion of all associate degree course work with a grade of C or higher. Students not transferring in the required lower division general education courses, will be required to complete the general education courses before full admission in to the AHLM program will be granted.
  5. Official transcripts from all other postsecondary work completed
  6. Professional resume or curriculum vitae
  7. Two letters of recommendation (one reference should be from current or recent faculty, work supervisors, or a professional who has observed your work. The second can be from a co-worker or other professional reference).
  8. Participate in the AHLM Online Orientation.
  9. Successfully participate in the prerequisite course, Introduction to Online Learning, which assesses the student’s ability to be a successful student in the online environment. Students must successfully complete this course to proceed into the AHLM program.
  10. Communicate with Financial Aid to discuss and receive an estimate of financial obligations and available financial assistance resources.
  11. Own or have access to a web-connected device capable of running modern software and streaming media including web-conferencing applications such as ZOOM (minimum technology requirements outlined below)
    1. Technology Requirements: Minimum requirements: Operating System Windows-Based Windows XP, Vista 7 / Macintosh Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 limited; RAM Windows-Based and Macintosh 1 GB or better; Hard Drive Windows-Based and Macintosh 1GB free space; Modem Windows-Based and Macintosh 56K, Cable DSL preferred; Browser Windows-Based Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Mobile: Mobile Safari, Google Chrome / Macintosh Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Mobile: Mobile Safari, Google Chrome; Text Processors Windows-Based and Macintosh JavaScript (jre1.6.0_13 and cookies must be enabled; Microsoft Office or Open Office; FTP Client Windows-Based WSFTP (suggested, not necessary) / Macintosh Fetch (suggested not necessary; Email Client Windows-Based Browser, Outlook, Mozilla, Eudora The Bat / Macintosh Browser, Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Mozilla, Air Mail.

You do not need to figure it out all on your own! Email your transcript(s) to our admissions advisor at  for a review of your transcripts and receive specific feedback about what courses you need to complete the AHLM program.

Students can receive transfer credit for previous nursing education through the following:

  • Up to 84 transfer credits accepted from your Associate or Associate of Applied Science Degree in an allied health discipline
  • Applicants not having sufficient 84 credits to matriculate into the program will be required to take foundational general education courses prior to full acceptance into the AHLM degree completion program.

Students must complete a minimum of 36 credits of the 120 credits necessary for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Allied Health Leadership and Management, in residence.

Crystal Hartman
Pavla Gould
Kelly Kumar

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