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Casa Loma College Blended Learning combines the traditional face to face classroom method with online learning to form an integrated instructional approach.

The goal of blended learning is to join the best aspects of both face to face and online instruction. Many of our programs provide the traditional face to face for instruction and then provide students with multi-media rich content that can be accessed anytime throughout the day. This provides additional resources for our students to assist them in their studies and increase their learning.

Our degree programs offer both face to face instruction as well as online instruction. The general education courses are offered online so that students can access them at their convenience providing them more flexibility with their schedules; while the core course are offered in the traditional approach.

Online learning is more than just a convenient way to take classes. It takes a dedicated team of faculty and course developers to ensure that our courses at Casa Loma College have the academic integrity required to make certain that our students are the best in their field. At Casa Loma College we are dedicated to providing the best online learning experience possible.