Lesson 2: What do you need to know about online courses to be successful?

Taking courses online works well for many students, but the truth is that they are not easier than residential courses.

To be successful in the online environment you must learn to be an independent learner, self-motivated, and have decent computer skills. If you are a procrastinator who relies heavily on the instructor for motivation and can't use a computer very well, you will need to incorporate new learning skills so you can succeed in your required online courses.

Ways that online courses are beneficial:

  • Lifestyle. Many students juggle work and family, and they just can't get to campus as often as an entirely residential program requires. If you are organized and disciplined you will do well in your online courses and reap the benefits of only being on campus a few days a week.
  • Format. Many students like the interactive nature of online courses. For example, students can feel more confident participating in class discussions because they have adequate time to organize their thoughts and post something they feel proud of. Some students really enjoy using the technology.

Convenience. Students don't have to deal with traffic or parking problems. You can complete your assignments from home or work.