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DMS Application Deadline

Friday, July 27, 2018 - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Van Nuys - Campus
6725 Kester Ave
Van Nuys, California 91405

This class will be a DAY class with a schedule of Monday - Thursday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

Casa Loma College thanks you for your interest in our DMS program. We know that you will enjoy your learning experience with us here on campus and into the clinical environment. DMS is professionally a very rewarding
career choice. The DMS Team looks forward to meeting you at your entrance interview. The DMS Program requires the commitment of an enthusiastic and dedicated student. It also takes a student willing and devoted to study and learning and one who comes into the program with either a background in healthcare or with a good understanding of what the healthcare filed and this program consist of.
DMS Technologists are expected to demonstrate a few characteristics naturally; including, but not limited to:
 Professionalism and respectful communication
 Proactive critical thinker operating well under pressure
 Being able to appreciate and respect: demographic, ethnical, cultural and religious differences
 Professional enthusiasm and basic understanding
 Academic focus and commitment
DMS Admissions Programmatic requirements are:
1. Earn a passing score on the admissions test.
2. Submission of student’s professional portfolio:
Submission of two (2) letters of recommendation.
Field Research or Research Paper: Applicants may choose either option below.
Method 1- Field Research: Interview an Ultrasound technologist and attain at a minimum the following information:
• Registry held (ARDMS/ARRT) held by technologist
• Professional experience and specialty (Abdomen/ OBGYN, etc.)
• What are their technical duties in imaging and reporting
• Most satisfying part of their job.
• Biggest challenge they felt in achieving their goal of becoming a technologist
• The worst part of the job
• Compensation and benefits
• Advancement opportunities
• At conclusion of interview, submit a minimum two page typed essay of your interview.
Method 2- Class Audit: Audit 1 lecture and/or 1 lab on campus for no less than one hour each.
• Interview an instructor and current student(s) in regard to program requirements and expectations.
Write an assessment of your understanding of the program its goals and challenges the program presents through your audit. Please include the following information in your submittal.
o The name of the instructor/student(s) interviewed
o How do you become registered as a professional technologist?
o What different registry/specialty can one obtain? Which do you see yourself doing?
o What was the student’s most enjoyable educational experience thus far and why?
o What does the student feel is his/her biggest challenge thus far?
o Generally, how does the ultrasound machine generate an image?
o What are the best uses for ultrasound?
• At conclusion of lecture/lab audit, submit a minimum two page typed essay of your experience and a summary of your research and what you have learned about your future career. Also include, what you feel you will be able to offer the imaging community professionally?
Method 1 and Method 2 must be typed and submitted in proper format for an essay. For help on formatting an essay go to: http://www2.ivcc.edu/rambo/eng1001/format.htm or https://style.mla.org/formatting-papers/
3. Panel interview with Program Director and other assigned Imaging personnel.

For further assistance please contact our Admissions Department.

The DMS Program Director, Faculty and Support Team and the Admissions Department wish you the best of luck!